Medical Mattress

This category of orthopaedic mattress has the strong high density Re-bonded foam inside. Designed for providing a comfortable rest, the mattress are very special in relieving back pain. It has a covering made of super quality knitted jacquard fabric. Those plagued with bone and muscle pain and suffering from sleep deprivation an orthopedic mattress is their best bet. Sleeping on an old and soft bedding material for many days will aggravate your physical pain, especially if you have arthritis or similar conditions. The pressure is felt on your lower back if you continue sleeping on the wrong mattress. Therefore, always opt for orthopedic mattresses to help you alleviate bone, joint, and muscle pain. The use of high-density foam makes you feel comfortable when you lie down at night.


High quality Jacquard fabric treated against fungus, bacteria and house dust-mites.


High density Re-bonded foam & Super soft foam, Memory foam