"A peaceful sleep after all day work and waking up fresh to start each day actively is every person's desire". To make such desire true, every person need to have a best mattress of premium quality. Oliva Mattress is undoubtedly the one-stop place to buy one such without any second thoughts.

Having our own production unit, based out of Thiruvannamalai district, Tamil Nadu. We provide a wide range of mattresses for all your needs, remarkably with best quality cum comfort at a very reasonable cost. Out of the many mattress manufactures in India, we stand unique from the rest, we thrive for the best quality mattress with NO Compromises and we are more customer focused. We believe best quality is always accompanied with remarkable customer satisfaction.

As an end customer who wants to buy mattress online, it’s practically challenging to decide on one choice, due to the different types of Mattresses availability like medical mattress, spring mattress, memory foam mattress and etc., which are really confusing and misleading at times. Worry not, we are here! Our experts extend personalized suggestions and recommendations based on your physical condition and demand. With our unwavering customer commitment easily makes us one of the leading mattress manufacturers in Tamil Nadu for buying high quality trusted mattress in Tamil Nadu.


"Apparently if a person lives till 75, then he/she would have spent 20 years in bed, so it makes sense to have a decent mattress".

We offer the widest range of mattresses to meet your needs of all kinds. Our product range includes Pocket spring, Orthopaedic mattress, foam mattress, etc. When you try to find the answer for which is the best type of mattress and also when you try to find the best mattress in India, then ideally you would land in Oliva Mattress, due to our distinct and uniqueness in each of the products.

The demand for Orthopaedic mattress in India is soaring in spite of its inclined price range. Its advantages are to be attributed to its high-level support, relief, and comfort which altogether makes it worth the price. Oliva Mattress provides the best memory foam mattress in India and provides the best priced orthopaedic mattress with high quality as well.

Listed below is the complete range of Oliva mattresses

Rubberized coir mattress (Natural)

Bonnell spring mattress (Classic)

Pocket spring mattress (Deluxe)

Medical mattress (Orthopedic)

PU Foam mattress (Feather)

Memory foam mattress (Deluxe)

Latex mattress (Natural Plus)

Cool gel pad

Pillow top mattress

Euro top mattress

According to experts, choosing the right mattress can replicate the way you sleep – doesn’t that sound very practical?


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