Ideas on buying the best mattress for you

If you're buying a new mattress in a store/mall, then test each mattress by laying down on each of them and find out the one which suits your sleeping conditions. The right mattress is the one that provides no pressures or discomfort and lets you feel like sleeping on clouds or floating in the air.

If you carve for a mattress that prevents severe back and joint pains, then go for a medical mattress (orthopaedic).

If you want a simple mattress that promotes better sleeping conditions, then prefer either a memory foam mattress (deluxe) or PU foam mattress (feather).

If you are a person who prefers a firm sleep surface, then purchase a latex mattress (natural plus).

And if you want to ensure perfect back support which promotes better sleep, then go for either Bonnell spring mattress (classic) or pocket spring mattress (deluxe).

A cool gel pad placed under your mattress layers quickly lowers your body temperature by absorbing heat inside your body. It relieves pain and stress, which ensures healthier sleeping comforts.

Rubberized coir mattress (Natural) provides a healthy and natural alternative to spring or foam mattress. It is good for a restful sleep; however, it can be uncomfortable at night.

Pillow top mattress or Euro top mattress tends to be softer as compared to other mattresses as they contain an extra layer of padding sewn on the top layer of the mattress to enhance lushness. Even though both of them are similar, Euro top mattress is a premium version of Pillow top mattress as it's softer than pillow tops and contains high-quality materials plus more technical designs.